The Dark Room

Episode #107 - Flat Earth Vegan: Ryan Oats

June 25, 2018

Centuries ago the Earth was believed to be flat. In fact, it was heresy to think otherwise. Throughout years of expedition and exploration we have since deemed the truth to be that there is a curvature to the planet which ultimately renders it spherical. This, along with the various imagery provided by space agencies such as NASA have conjured an unshakable notion that the Earth is indeed round. But what if the information we have all come to accept as truth was not entirely so? What if the world was indeed flat and the powers that be have merely led us to believe falsified information? According to “flat earth vegan” Ryan Oats, this is exactly what has been going on.

Jordan Randall speaks with Ryan Oats, a Flat Earth Theory activist, a vegan and musician. Citing Eric Dubay as one of his main sources, Oats describes the “flat earth” as just one of the many lies being perpetuated by world leaders.

Find out more about Eric Dubay here:

And be sure to check out Ryan Oats’ YouTube channel here:

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