The Dark Room

Palestine in Perspective (Episode 5): In Conversation with Rebecca Stein

March 22, 2022

Paul talks with Duke University professor and cultural anthropologist, Rebecca Stein, about her insightful work on the ways in which activists are using social and digital media to challenge, resist and expose the crimes of the Israeli state against Palestinians, as well as the challenges they face from the state itself—committed to distorting or manipulating actual documentary footage—to deny the crimes themselves. As Rebecca reveals, the state's military and often with the support of the larger Israeli society ultimately do so to further achieve violent colonial and imperialistic ends, the unsufferable costs of which are endured by Palestinians daily. 

This is the fourth episode of The Dark Room's "Palestine in Perspective" series, which from here on in (with possible exceptions) be available in audio format only. 

Learn more about Professor Stein here, including her most recent book Screen Shots: State Violence on Camera in Israel and Palestine.



Producer - Paul Salvatori

Writer & Host - Paul Salvatori

Sound Editor - Peter Bull

Music - Paul Salvatori


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