The Dark Room

Palestine in Perspective (Episode 4): In Conversation with David Miller

October 19, 2021

Paul talks with UK scholar, David Miller, about recently losing his position University of Bristol—as a professor of political sociology—for being critical of the Israeli state. Connecting this to his work, David shares how a powerful lobby, comprised of various groups and working closely with the, have been successful in framing such criticism as “anti-Semitism.” In fact, this has been an unfair charge leveled against him by the lobby and played a significant role in his being fired. Finally, Miller discusses how the lobby purposely obscures or directs attention away from Israel’s state-sanctioned racism, reflected in its oppressive laws and violence against Palestinians, while falsely presenting the state—through public relations and other effective techniques—as a democracy.

Follow David on Twitter and view the petition to help reinstate him at the University of Bristol here

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