The Dark Room

Episode #128 - Dr. Harriet Fraad - Capitalism and Loneliness

November 18, 2022

Paul talks with Dr. Harriet Fraad—activist, psychotherapist and author—about the much under-discussed connection between capitalism and loneliness. Though in recent years there has been a great deal of work within mainstream media, such as popular magazines and news articles, on the “loneliness epidemic”—the pervasive sense of our being disconnected from one another and the emotionally difficulty of this—seldom does such media implicate larger political economic structures, as producing the epidemic itself.

In contrast Dr. Fraad invites us to look at how capitalism, particularly with a focus on demoralizing forms of wage labour, keeps us isolated and apart. In turn, community is undermined and people do not feel cared about. Dr. Fraad and Paul, on a positive note, explore how this can be overcome when we—together—challenge capitalism and work to create a cooperative, harmonious and ultimately healthier society. 

Learn more about Dr. Fraad here, as well as watch her insightful Democracy At Work videos (part of the “Capitalism Hits Home” series) here. 



Producer - Paul Salvatori

Writer & Host - Paul Salvatori

Sound Editor - Peter Restivo 

Music - Paul Salvatori

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