The Dark Room

Episode #127 - Henry Giroux - Fighting Oppression through Education

February 10, 2022

Paul talks to well-known political educator, author and writer, Henry Giroux, about the value of radical education and how it empowers learners to critique, resist and challenge various forms of oppression—from racism and poverty to classism and sexism. For Henry this involves rejecting conventional educational models, often found in public education, that primarily train or condition students to “succeed” in the neoliberal marketplace. Instead Henry offers insight into how education, in the spirit of Paolo Freire’s (a mentor to and seminal influence on Henry) Pedagogy of the Oppressed, can be much more profound. Through dialogue that interrogates the structures under which they live, it is a formidable means by which students can reimagine society—grounded in care and mutuality rather than crude individualism and competition—while acting collectively to realize it. 

Learn more about Henry, including access to his work here.



Producer - Paul Salvatori

Writer & Host - Paul Salvatori

Sound Editor - Peter Bull

Music - Paul Salvatori

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