The Dark Room

Episode #126 - Rose Catalano - Strength and Values for Leadership

December 21, 2021

Paul talks with Toronto-based author and seasoned entrepreneur, Rose Catalano, about her journey into and through non-fiction writing.

Immigrating from Italy at a young age, Rose shares what it was like growing up in Toronto while having to contend unfair gender expectations against women, how she overcame them (in significant part with guidance and encouragement from her grandmother) and, finally, went on to become a successful business owner—where she, again, would have to battle pervasive sexism in a field not welcoming to women.

Much of what has allowed Rose to surmount difficult life challenges is a strong set of values, allowing her to remain courageous and resilient. She explores this further in her latest book, It’s Not My Fault: Reclaiming Leadership and Values, where she invites readers to become a socially responsible and positive force for change.  

Learn more about Rose and purchase her books here.



Producer – Dr. Paul Salvatori

Writer & Host – Dr. Paul Salvatori

Music – “Down Days” (David Renda)

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