The Dark Room

Episode #122 - Carlos Cruz Mosquera: Street Gangs and the Danger of “Positive Thinking”

February 2, 2021

Dr. Paul Salvatori talks with socialist activist and scholar, Carlos Cruz Mosquera, about how “positive thinking”, as often found in popular self-help books, is a distraction from and counterproductive to fighting oppressive capitalist society. Drawing from his own experience as a former gang member and, later, motivational speaker, Carlos shares why radical political education is necessary to empower youth, especially those who—deprived by capitalist society of meaningful socio-economic opportunities—are prone to engaging in criminality.   

Read Carlos’ engaging article, “I’m a former gang member and I’m done peddling positivity”, and one of the focuses of this episode here. Also learn more about Anticonquista, a socialist publication focusing on the Latin American and Caribbean diaspora and which Carlos is co-editor, here.  



Producer - Dr. Paul Salvatori

Writer & Host - Dr. Paul Salvatori

Sound Editor - Peter Bull

Music - Dr. Paul Salvatori


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