The Dark Room

Episode #103 - Doing Photography the “Old” Way: Vincenzo Pietropaolo, Bob Lansdale and Clint Hryhorijiw

May 25, 2018

The Dark Room Unofficial Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival Special

Welcoming this year's Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, Paul talks with documentary photographer, Vincezo Pietropaolo, and Bob Lansdale and Clint Hryhorijiw of the Photographic Historical Society of Canada, about the fading art of pre-digital photography. Central to the discussion is whether the proliferation of cameras, namely the smartphone variety, is helping produce better or mediocre photography, as well as what overlooked advantages doing photography the "old" way (i.e. with a film camera) there are for both the photographer and their art. Moreover, the group explores the ethics of photography--not bound to any particular era--and the value and importance of respecting them, especially in documenting difficult social and other realities.

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