The Dark Room

Episode #101 - Mother’s Day Special 2018

May 13, 2018

Dr. Paul Salvatori talks with a panel of insightful and courageous mothers-- Samra Zafar, Joanne Charmet and Michelle Alfano-- about the rewards and challenges of motherhood. The mothers share their lived experiences of strained familial relationships, balancing work and professional life and undying love for their children. Exploring areas often left out of mainstream discussion about Mother's Day, the roundtable brings to light difficult though praiseworthy aspects of motherhood, speaking to the strength required therein. Learn more about Samra at and Michelle's powerful memoir, The Unfinished Dollhouse, about raising her transgender son here. Special thanks to the wonderful staff at the Toronto Public Library for sponsoring and helping make this roundtable possible.
Producers - Dr. Paul Salvatori, Gina Fabiano, Angeline Pizzirusso
Co-Producer & Online Media Manager - Robyn Lewis
Writer & Host - Dr. Paul Salvatori
Sound Editor - Peter Bull
Music - Dr. Paul Salvatori

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